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Hair extension is becoming popular recently especially for girls with few hair or who wants to look good. In general, synthetic doesn’t look quite like human hair so you won’t get as natural of a look. We are committed to ensuring our manufacturing processes are as gentle as possible to ensure our extensions meet the higher, more sophisticated expectations of our customers. The UK is the third largest importer of hair in the world, after the US and China. Indian hair is considered one of the finest sources to use in the manufacturing of hair extensions. As a result, Remy hair extensions are tangle-free and last longer than non-Remy products. Understanding how human hair is structured helps you see why synthetic hair is so different.

You need to make sure you do not install non remy hair extensions into your hair. I don’t think you will need to have them permed, depending on what kind of curl you are going for- a curling iron/flat iron and some hair spray (honestly I never even need to use hair spray) will hold them just fine. Received my order of real hair extension yesterday and describing them as awesome is for me an understatement. This will allow people to never know if you are wearing hair extensions or if it is your real hair. The inner layer of hair is called cortex and it consists of long bundles of protein fibers which gives hair its strength.

Hair extensions can transform even the finest and shortest locks into lush, luxurious tresses, and long, flowing, celebrity-style hair is no longer found only on celebrities – it can be seen on women from all walks of life. Pinchbraid extensions were invented in the 1980s by Minneapolis salon Hair Police They are individual locks of hair tied into the native hair with a durable upholstery thread. I have tried in the past loads of hair extensions but nothing has come close to the satisfaction I got from your products. My synthetic hair extensions never lasted me more than six months and by that time, they were very damaged.

Just don’t think you are going to buys these to clip in a luxurious head of 20 inch hair. Rapunzels Hair City keep up to date with styles, trends and market changes to be able to stock a variety of different types of hair extensions for all the application methods including weave, bulk, micro ring and bond human hair extensions. Our catalog of hair extensions includes Asian Hair Extensions, European Hair Extensions, Clip-in Hair Extensions, Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions, Micro Loop Hair Extensions, Stick Tip Hair Extensions, Nano Tip Hair Extensions, Tape Hair Extensions and Ombre/Highlight Hair Extensions using high-quality Remy Human Hair.

An exception to our use of Indian hair is our Pro Cute line of remy hair extensions. When done well, the extensions should blend in well with the rest of the naturally grown hair and should look quite natural. Of course the extensions are 100% real with no smell or any other abnormalities. I saw these extensions online and purchased 100 human hair extensions it in just a few minutes after I check it out. Bought these extensions in just 5 minutes and I am really excited in receiving the product. Buy any two sets of clip-on hair extensions and get the second set of equal or lesser value for half price. I really did not like to smell and have my hair look like rats nest on my wedding day.

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After trying a few salons and receiving quotes for hair extensions at ridiculously high prices, I found yours extremely affordable. After thinking about it, I have decided to keep these extensions and not return them. Remy is the method of bundling human hair to keep roots and ends in the correct direction. Select every colour from light blonde to dark brown and black to match your hair. Our staff are industry experts who can guide you to getting the best set of extensions for your hair type & lifestyle. Each method of extensions has its pros and cons and it’s a matter of knowing and selecting the right method that suits your budget, lifestyle and hair condition.

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